WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Regardless of purpose, business-type or content, WordPress continues to be one of the most successful and important open-source CMS (content management systems) available, offering complete customisation tools and the perfect framework for building anything from a simple blog, to an advanced e-commerce site, through a combination of plug-ins and additional features. These plugins provided by WordPress can be of benefit when utilised correctly. Our flexible builder is a fantastic tool for updating and constructing sites easily with a bespoke touch. We provide many services for web design and have extensive experience in using WordPress and other open-source CMS web construction and management tools. WordPress offers features that are useful to many businesses- whether you are looking to upgrade your previous site, start an online shop, boost rankings, keep your clients updated, or develop a voice, this specialist CMS can be the next step in progressing your organisation, and we can help.

We can help with the following:

Search Engine Optimisation

We will work with you to establish the keywords you want to rank higher for in search engines and will perform updates where required. We can evaluate your current site to see what changes can be made in order to improve it. By working on the SEO, we can help maximise traffic and gain valuable leads and sales via your site. Some of key points about SEO are that:

  • Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to fine tune your site to be highly regarded by search engines.
  • A stronger SEO correlates to more conversions through higher rankings against keywords.
  • SEO encompasses structure, use of language, quality of coding, distribution of keywords, descriptions, titles and other content features, all of which affect popularity.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly, and it generates SEO relevant code


All of our e-Commerce sites are PCI compliant, and include many additional extras such as secured shopping carts, payment gateway setup, domain name specifics, and other powerful business features. We will work with you to design a bespoke layout, with sale conversion and usability in mind. Your e-Commerce site will be a seamless continuation of your identity, presenting your products in the clearest way possible. e-Commerce sites are great because:

  • They help with business growth and assist you in selling products efficiently.
  • Bold themes and additional plugins for e-commerce sites are easy to integrate through WordPress.
  • WordPress offers multiple plugins for complete customisation and frequently updates its infrastructure to limit potential hacks.
  • You will have full control of your products, from unlimited images to customisable product options.


When designing and managing newsletters, we can work with you to create spam compliant and bespoke templates which match your needs and fit with your identity. We give you control of the newsletters by sending you a preview prior to sharing it, and you can input as much or as little information as you deem suitable. Newsletters are a fantastic tool because:

  • They are cost effective and are a great way to strengthen relationships with customers.
  • All marketing experts agree that email newsletters are crucial for any blog, e-commerce site or website.
  • They can include updates on services, offers, promotions or even advice, or recent blogs.
  • There are an unlimited number of user lists and subscribers you can have available and storing contact details is easy.
  • Integrating newsletters with an e-commerce site, or a website, is a proven way to get results.


Blogs are an important tool for any business, and we will work with you to design a custom-made blogging section of your site, which can be crafted to align with your business’ look and style. Whether you wish to write the blogs yourself, or are in need of some content, we are here to help you. Blogging, when utilised correctly, is:

  • A great way for businesses to engage with their customers- consistent blogging is a great way to build brand awareness whilst interacting and attracting potential customers.
  • Through blogging, businesses can easily insert important keywords to help with rankings and enhance inbound marketing efforts.
  • Blogging encourages sharing- a potential way to increase market growth and reach different sharing platforms, which is effectively free marketing.
  • WordPress was designed to be used by bloggers- it has a specially designed interface for easy navigation and application.
  • Plugins can be installed to help improve the SEO of blogs, as well as integrate email marketing.

Flexible Integration for Control

An integrated CMS will help put you in control of your website and give you the tools you need to advance and update your site. We can perform any updates you need, and will help find a work balance that suits you. We can upgrade your site to a CMS, so you can make the changes you weren’t able to before. A CMS site is great because:

  • You can make alterations to your website fast and effectively, available in your web-browser.
  • CMS systems like WordPress are straight-forward to operate, with no technical manual required.
  • The changes you can easily make will boost search engine performance and help establish your business.
  • Most CMS sites will offer users frequent updates, so you will always be up-to-date.
  • There are many fantastic plug-ins available which can help you integrate marketing strategies and boost the functionality and professionality of the site.

We are committed to providing excellent web design and delivering fantastic solutions for your website. We have found that WordPress’ reliability makes it a forerunner for CMS. Its ultrafast methods for updating site content is key for Google’s ranking algorithm, helping boost rankings quickly and easily. It is one of the most popular online web creation platforms available, and is also one of the most cost effective, offering high-demand plugins, a range of bespoke designs and easy navigation. It’s a tried and tested tool, which updates its software frequently to ensure the security of websites and to avoid becoming outdated. We offer service support for your site, should any problems arise. Our aim is to make your business stand out by creating a bespoke, secure website which matches your branding and messages. WordPress is an instrumental tool which allows you to monitor your site, take as much control as you want and publish updates when needed. Regardless of purpose or intention for the site, WordPress is fantastic for creation and management, and it is designed to work around you. The fact it’s accessible online means you can update on the go, check information quickly, and allocate control depending on time.

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