Unstuck Design have put together this privacy statement to highlight what information may be collected when using this website and what we will do with the information. It’s worth reading, not only so you know that your information is safe and will be treated with respect, but also give you an idea of the information that can be collected online and to bear this in mind when you consider you current and future websites. We’ll try not to make this too long winded and wordy, but something’s just can’t be made to sound inviting…

This privacy statement was last updated June 2009

We collect information.

Each time you visit (our website) and browse, interact and explore, Unstuck Design may collect personally identifiable information. This could be the first and last names, your email addresses and perhaps a telephone number. We will only receive this information when you fill in one of the forms on out website, such as registering for a newsletter, or completing the contact form.

The information we collect could be used or shared, but is it?

This information about you is used by us, Unstuck Design to improve, better and develop our relationship with you. This may be to reply to any question you may have, to communicate with you about our news, new services, a special offer or two etc. You get the picture, essentially anything think may be of interest to you. These could be in the form of an email or even a postal letter, or perhaps even a phone call, although we only tend to call if you have asked about something specifically and will certainly not cold call you. We have more than enough of those to realise they are annoying and time wasting. If you decide enough is enough and you no longer want to hear from us you can opt out and be removed from the list by giving us a call on 01722 780381 or emailing We may also disclose specific information when it determines that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction, although this yet to happen.

Now we’ve got your information, can we protect it?

Yes, Unstuck Design uses industry standard security techniques on our website to help protect against any loss, misuse or alteration of information collected from you whilst you visit our website. When you transmit personally identifiable data to Unstuck Design, the information is stored on servers that Unstuck Design have attempted to secure from any unauthorised access . Unstuck Design cannot be and are not responsible for any unauthorised access to information by intruders or other with a malicious intention, who will have used illegal means to retrieve this information, again this is yet to happen, but just incase.

Our links to other sites..

Unstuck Design has external links to other websites. The external links on our pages are there as a useful resource and are published on this website in the spirit of good will. These links at the time of publishing are active and pointing to relevant information and tools, however it is possible that in the absence of a regular update, which we cannot always achieve) some links may alter. Therefore please consider that we cannot accept any responsibility for the content or condition of any linked website, nor to do we endorse the information contained on these websites. Please also note that this privacy statement is applicable only to you whilst you are using the website and that other website may have different policies in use. We highly recommend you check the privacy policies of any other sites, linked to from this website, or otherwise, before submitting personal information on that site.

More information required?

If you have read this Privacy Statement and have a few question and would like to contact us, then please do. The best way to do this is to process straight to the contact page and complete the form, or if you prefer pick up the telephone and dial 01722 780381 (during normal business hours).

This Privacy Statement may change.. .

In time we may update this Privacy Statement in accordance with our current Privacy Policies. The information we collect at this current moment in time will be subject to this current policy. We may contact you with notices regarding any changes to this privacy policy, however we would also suggest that from time to time you revisit this page and check for updates. Thank you for reading this statement, we think congratulations are in order.