Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social networking marketing has become a necessity rather than a secret weapon in your marketing armoury. Among the favourites are of course Twitter and Facebook.

In a nutshell if you have information that you can regularly share with your website visitors, your customers and your future prospects then twitter is the way to go. If your service or product is suited to a particular group of like minded people then a facebook group will encourage conversation and interest in your business. There are many other routes that can be explored and it is important to remember than not all business are suitable for all types of social networking. We can helpĀ  advise on the best strategies to give your business exposure online through social networks.

Another useful add-on for any website is to allow users to share your website with their social network. This can be done by adding icons to their social network of choice, be it Facebook, Delicious, DiggIt, Friendfeed, LinkedIn etc. If you would like us to add these links we can do so very quickly and also provide advice on how else you can market your site by optimising it to be social network friendly.

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