Adwords Management

Adwords Management

This is probably the best low cost method to advertise your business, website and products. It is especially good for companies who offer online sales. A pay per click ad can guarantee you are placed on the first page of the search engines for your key word, and you only pay for your advert when someone clicks on it. We can manage and optimise your campaigns and advise on the best strategies to achieve the best return on your advert.

Pay per click advertising - a quick introduction

Pay per click advertising is a method of advertising on search engines where you pay to appear on the first page of results. It is a well known fact that the only worthwhile place to appear on a search engine is the first page of results for your keywords. The paying results usually appear at the top and in a right hand column or shaded region of the page. Google puts it's Adwords on the top and right hand side of the page. View an example of this layout and notice how much space is dedicated to paid advertising. You pay for your position on the page by bidding an amount to appear on the page. The more you bid, the higher up the page you go, and the advertiser who bids the most will appear at the top. We can help you to pick your keywords carefully, and bid on sensible amounts to ensure you achieve a profitable advertising campaign.

Adwords vs SEO

Whilst we can recommend how to optimise your site to make the leap to achieve this positioning 'organically' it can often take months before it comes to fruition. Pay Per Click is instant, you can have your name at the top the search results within minutes of setting up your account. Your ad will appear at the top of the search engines each time a search is performed, but you will only pay for that advertisement each time someone clicks on your banner.

Strategic Campaigns - getting more clicks for a lower cost

There are many strategies you can apply to generate sales using pay per click advertising, and they will depend on the type of product or service you are offering. As a general starting point we use clear, descriptive words on your advert. These words are targeted and specifically related to your keywords. Your adverts will be setup to they are placed on the first page of results, and ideally in the top 3 results at the top of the page. We thenĀ  monitor results and test, review and improve your campaign as it develops using proven techniques. Optimising the Ads has a two fold effect, your ads become more effect and bring your more enquiries or sales, and the cost of your ad is lowered as Google rewards you for your optimisation and relevance.

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