SEO (search engine optimisation) - finding your best possible audience

Is your website search engine optimised? Do you know if people can find your website using a search engine? We can help you to improve your natural rankings, so your website will appear for the search terms that will bring the most relevant users to your site.

Website Tuning - take on your competition

Search engine optimisation is fine tuning your website so that it will be highly regarded by search engines. A highly regarded website will mean high rankings when people search against your keywords. Your keywords are important. In order to optimise your website, there are a number of key factors that have to be assessed. This includes content and structure of your site, the use of language and distribution of keywords throughout the site, the quality of coding on your web pages, the relevancy of the actual page content in relation to your keywords, the accessibility of the website and also it's overall popularity across the internet. The good news is that search engines are designed to have the same taste in websites as people, so if your website scores highly with the search engines the chances are that it will also be highly effective for your visitors.

Your keywords - high relevance yields more conversions

Think carefully about the search terms you would like to be found under. As part of the initial setup we will research and produce a report to advise on suitable keywords based on what terms are being searched for online. Following review and your agreement on the keywords to track we will produce monthly reports detailing your performance against your competitors. Reports include:

  • Keywords positions across multiple search engines.
  • Landing page performance.
  • Keyword visits.
  • Summary reports of keyword rankings.
  • Market place potential reports.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for  organic traffic and Adwords traffic

On Page Optimisation - content strategy and structure

It's very simple, Search engines like logical, well designed websites which contain relevant words and images related to the subject they are addressing. There are lots of site optimisation techniques that can help the search engines read your site more effectively and we are fully transparent on what work we are undertaking to improve things. Unstuck Design will create search engine optimised websites from fresh or can also evaluate your existing website and make changes to ensure it falls in favour with search engines. Our on-page site checklist includes

  • Website size, Content structure and keyword flow   
  • Duplicate, missing, short and long meta information.
  • Header and image alt tags.
  • Pages containing little or no content.
  • Cross site and out bound links.
  • Density of your keywords across the site. 

Off Page Optimisation - connecting you with like minded sites

We will, on a monthly basis, improve the number of quality and trusted links back to your website. This will increase your website’s authority and in turn its search engine rankings. Well researched and trusted links to your site will provide a solid back link profile that you can build on month by month. We review and place links on trusted sites including quality directories, blog articles and comments, related industry focused forums, tracking and replication of high value competitor back links. 

Feel free to get in touch, we are happy to visit your site and evaluate what changes need to be made in order to improve the situation. After all what is the point of having a website if nobody can find it?

SEO Salisbury

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