Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

The time is now

Mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop internets usage in 2014. There is a high change that a high percentage of your websites visitors are using their mobiles to access your site.

Adapts and engages

Responsive design will adapt to suit the screen size of each individual user meaning they can access the information on your website they are looking for (and quickly). Your content remains the same and is taken from the source (e.g. Wordpress), which means less updates for you. When a new device comes along, your responsive site will automatically serve the most suitable version of the website.

You decide who sees what

You can tailor the content heir achy for different types of users. Mobile users may be after details whilst on the go such as contact, location and opening hours, whereas desktop users may be looking to browse your products and services in more detail. Responsive design allows you to provide an easy journey for each user type to find the most relevant content to there needs.

Flexible implentation routes

We craft new sites with responsiveness built in from the start or can reverse engineer a responsive system on to an existing site. This gives you the flexilbity to choose an option in line with you budget and  lifespan of your existing website. You can also explore creating custom mobile sites and apps that separate to your main site.

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