Best Dog Friendly Cottages

The challenge

Best Dog Friendly Cottages asked us to create an identity that would help position them at the upper end of the market of holiday cottage, hotel and B&B locations in the uk. As all the properties were to be dog friendly it was important to create an identity that conveyed the human connection with dogs and the character and place a loved pet has within a family. The identity was to look contemporary yet have traditional origins to convey a sense of trust and prestige. We were tasked with developing this logo for their new responsive website and print literature.

Our solution

The brand identity is comprised of an illustration of a dog wearing a top hat integrated within the typography of 'BEST'. We used the word ‘best’ to show the prestige of the company and by combining it with the illustration it gave a refined and elegant solution. The colour palette of the french grey and dusty plum added to the high end appeal without being overly exclusive.

The results

Having created the initial brand identity we have used the design style across a responsive site design that continues to grow with new property listing and prominent positions across the search engines.

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