SEO with Web Design

SEO with Web Design
15th July 2009
written by James Purves

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You could have the most impressive and creative website on the net, but… if the consumer can’t find it then in many instances it’s practically worthless! Now that might sound harsh, but there’s too much truth in it to ignore.

The shocking fact is that there are still far too many websites that are not optimised, so who’s to blame?

We at Unstuck Design believe that website design and Search Engine Optimisation are inseparable. Every page should be built around keywords and specific topics which the Search Engines ‘can read’ with each page appearing on the engines in their own right. This coupled with a site which oozes style and usability means you can look forward to a successful online presence.

Many agencies and large companies treat Search Engine Optimisation and Website Design as two separate entities. Agencies will even go as far as to quote separately for design and SEO, but any professional design should include basic SEO as part of the website development process.

Amanda Davie who is head of search at i-level commented that “My biggest frustration with implementing SEO is getting the web developers on-side” (1). This is common throughout the industry and you should therefore be sure to ascertain exactly what is included when agreeing to work with any agency.

Other than naturally optimising your website, what else can you do to improve your rankings on the search engines?

Although there are things you can do such as encourage back linking, which is free up to a point, for the most part you will need to dig a little deeper into your budget to achieve significant results. Here are just a few ideas of what else is available for you to try:

• Create regular Press releases
• Increase Directory links
• High value and specific links
• Email ‘target specific’ databases
• Encourage relevant back links

It is important that you can create web pages that will attract the visitor through Search Engines but you also need to be mindful of what you should ‘not’ do. Steve Leach of Bigmouthmedia says “There’s nothing wrong with making the web page more attractive to search engines, but some agencies use questionable tactics. Steer clear of them” (2). Here’s a few pointers on what not to do:

• Duplicate pages
• Use hidden or invisibile text
• Create doorway pages
• Choose irrelevant links
• Have too many linking agreements with other companies

There is no one element of Search Engine Optimisation that you can implement that will automatically move you up the rankings of a search engine, and some of the ideas may not suit your business plan. The challenge is to create a balanced online marketing plan that compliments your business needs and attracts your relevant target audience.

Any agency that you decide to work with needs to be considered as an extension of your marketing team and as such they should be keen to understand your core brand values and your company’s objectives.

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(2) Steve Leach MD of Bigmouthmedia (Marketing Week, Search Marketing March 2005, page 28)