Tesco Nutricentre

Our challenge

Tesco came to us to help them create a brand to sell their Nutritional and Heath products online and in their Tesco Xtra stores. They needed an identity that would follow through a number of different channels including health, sport, beauty, books and professional practitioners. The identities had to work holistically together, yet work as individual brand in its own right depending on the website or store the user was in. Within each brand identity it was paramount to create a design that looked professional and high quality without being exclusive and expensive. The brief was to create the brand identities in a staged process and produce the accompanying print and digital literature.

The solution

We initially created the main brand identity for the Tesco Nutricentre health stores and nutricentre.com website. The colour palette was the similar to the previous identity but a new typeface and refinements gave the identity a sharper look, especially when combined with a range of graphical devices that were carried across all media. Careful consideration of photography and typographic layouts gave the brand a clarity and freshness that reflected the purity and natural ingredients of the products available.

The results

Tesco haveĀ  launched 5 sites using our identities and site designs as well as utilising the brand in the Tesco stores across the UK. Having created the original identity we have since worked regularly with Tesco to produce in store posters, newsletters, leaflets, web site promotion banners and email newsletters. The brand has remained consistent throughout and given Tesco Nutricentre a powerful visual appeal that is often missing in the health and nutrition vertical sector.

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