Extraordinary Adventure Club

The challenge

The Extraordinary Adventure Club offer the most exclusive experiences for the high achiever. They provide true adventure for those who have tasted most of lifes luxuries and the benefits that come with wealth and power. We were tasked to create an identity that was strong, minimal and intriguing.

Our solution

The position of the circle has a significance that some will be able identity and the accompanying website explores this further. Our lips are our sealed on that one! The business cards were printed on black high end thick uncoated stock and used a white foil to give a crisp and refined finish. Invitations to take part on these once in a life time experiences is by referral and individual selection only so the whole branding had to keep a very exclusive feel. The extraordinary experience for the potential participant  has to begin from the moment they see the stark business card or the pulsing circle on the homepage. 

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