Is video content on your website a good idea?

Is video content on your website a good idea?

Love them or hate them, it seems video content is here to stay. The question is, if you are serious about your online marketing strategy can you afford to ignore them?

With video sharing sites now as popular as the major social networks, having video content on your website could be the perfect solution to customer engagement.

From a recent article written by Tony Haile  for Time Magazine he claims that the average time spent on a webpage could be as low as 15 seconds.

Based on this statement if the last 3 paragraphs weren’t enough to capture your attention then you have probably already clicked away from this page in search something more engaging.

So, how can video improve these page statistics?

If we are to believe the old adage of ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ then we must consider how many words can be delivered through 15 seconds of video.

Surely from the perspective of delivering a message it seems that video comes up trumps.

Done correctly, a well placed video on your web page instantly appeals to visitors who are eager for maximum information as quickly as possible, perhaps even those who are just easily distracted.

Improve your brand awareness.

With video production becoming cheaper and more accessible, we are now seeing less of the corporate ‘talking heads’ and more of the intriguing lifestyle productions.

A visually engaging montage that incorporates your logo or brand identity is sure to leave a longer lasting impression than a plain text page. Couple this with the fact that video is also an easily shared media source, your video could reach maximum exposure a lot faster than other forms of media such as pdfs and white papers.

Visit the ‘Apple’ website today and click through most of their pages and it becomes apparent that they have fully adopted the video as their primary marketing medium.

Using video to improve your site traffic.

Now this post isn’t about search Engine Optimisation, but the SEO benefits of embedding video on your site can’t go unmentioned.

You are probably all aware of the importance of having your website rank highly on Google, but video often gets overlooked when trying to achieve this.

In 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google and it has since become an integral part of Google’s web domination. Easily accessible from the Google homepage, YouTube has long since replaced Yahoo as the worlds 2nd most popular search engine.

With the use of intelligent back linking, having a promotional video which ranks highly on YouTube is continuously becoming more valuable to increasing traffic to your website and improving your overall Google rank.

Getting it right.

If you are interested in using video as part of your web marketing campaigns and wish to benefit from the value they bring to your Google ranking, please feel free to get in touch.

We are happy to discuss the best approach to achieving positive results from your online video plus advise you against the mistakes often made with video production and placement.