Web Design FAQ
26th June 2009
written by James Purves

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There are four main areas of a website that are equally important in order for your website to be an online success.

Initial Appeal – As soon as a visitor hits your website, something has to appeal to their interests and expectations, otherwise they are gone. Gone for good, probably to your competitors website and likely not to return. It’s important to get your most important messages and key information across in a professional way the very instant someone hits your website.

Accessibility – Your website needs to be accessible. This means it should be easily viewable on all platforms so you will not lose any visitors due to a badly displaying site which is an effort for them to browse. This includes catering for users using different browsers and computer systems plus users who may have disabilities.

Search Optimisation – There is little point creating the world’s greatest website if nobody ever gets to visit it. Your website should at a minimum be fine tuned to appeal to website search engines, and ideally you should be actively marketing it to help it climbs the ranks for your keywords.

Communication – Often the hardest part of a website is successfully getting your message across simply, clearly and concisely. Your visitors need to be intuitively led through your website through a combination of intrigue and interest. A logical website architecture with well written content can make the difference between a 10 second visitor and a repeat visitor.

All websites designed by unstuck aim to fulfill the above requirements without you having to worry. Find out more on our website design service

What are domain names?

A domain name is an unique name that identifies a website. Ideally it should reflect the name of your business or service and be short, punchy and easy to remember.

Do I really need a website ?

Yes. If you are a business it is now a given that you should have a website. People expect will expect to see you online with a professional website presence. It’s not enough to have a home made garden shed effort gracing your companies pages. Competition is fierce and you need to make sure your potential customers are encouraged and not put off by your website.

Is it worth updating my website ?

Yes. Your website is one of easiest marketing tools you have to update. It is also the place people will return to most frequently if they can see you are making regular changes and holding their interest for repeat visits. Regular updates on your website will also benefit your search engine rankings and may encourage other sites to link to you, which will further benefit your website marketing.

I’ve had a website for years, why has it never done me any good?

There are a lot of possible reasons why your current website may have worked against you rather than for you in the past. Your site may be badly optimised or have been left unchanged for years resulting in poor search engine rankings. The internet has moved on a lot in recent years and there is high chance your competition have moved on too. If you have a well designed and accessible website with good search engine rankings you will find your website will be a great asset.

Unstuck are happy to review your existing website and recommend ways to improve it’s overall effectiveness.