How to Start a Cupcake Business

Firstly congratulations! Starting a cupcake business is a super idea!

As cupcake as hugely popular and suitable for small to large occasions you are providing product which has a lot of appeal. This page is written as guide to help you plan your cupcake business. It is very different from all the other cupcake business help pages we’ve read and that you should read too as they cover the basics of what qualifications you need, what equipment you need, ways to sell your cupcakes, how to brand your cupcakes and other very useful information. What all these other pages don’t do or cover in any detail is how to plan your cup cake business for growth and long term success. There are many cup cake businesses out there that are getting by just fine, they operate as one, two or three person teams and bring in a revenue to pay a reasonable wage, if that will satisfy you and all that you are looking for then this guide is probably not for you. The main point of this guide is to give you the information to setup not just a regular cup cake business but an extraordinary cup cake business that will placed in the top 1% of all cup cake companies. You see this top 1% are doing things very different to the remaining 99%.

Cup Cake Business Success

 We are still compiling the content for this page. Please check back again soon.

Design the perfect Cupcake Business

This guide will tell how to:

  • Choose your target audience
  • Scale your business when you want to
  • Untap a hidden asset that exists in your business from the moment you start trading
  • Build value into your business for the future, not just customers for today
  • Create three things in your business that cost you nothing but will bring you repeat sales

Here is a quick tip to get started. Make friends with a business that is providing a service for the type of customers you are looking for. Tell them about your business and suggest they handout a voucher postcard that entitles their customers to a free cupcake from your  new business. This will give you the chance to meet and sell to a host of people that you know are already buying a service that sits well with your business. For example a business which sells  Belgium Chocolates is bound to have customers that enjoy sweet treats. You can also offer to take a postcard for the business you are linking with to offer your customers a discount. Your customers will be pleased you are able to offer them a discount elsewhere, and you will gain credibility for already being associated to an established business.