Green Credentials

We are lucky enough to work in the beautiful surroundings of the Woodford Valley in Salisbury, and as such are in touch with our local environment on a daily basis. We also realise that this environment is extremely fragile and, as humans on this planet, have become far to complacent about the destructive effects we’re putting on it.

How we are green

Our belief is that a little positive effort on a small scale can go a long way in the grander scheme of things, and so have been working to improve the way we conduct business in as efficient and green manner as possible.

These are a number of ways in which have transformed our business into a carbon neutral design company:

We use LCD monitors and laptops, which lowers our energy consumption.

The majority of our meetings are conducted via email or phone which means we, and our clients, don’t need to drive as often.

Where possible, and accepting that we live in the uk, our office uses 100% natural light during working hours.

The paper in our office is recycled and we reuse this as often as possible too. The printer is used as little as possible, and is turned off more often than it is on.

We recycle all of our paper, plastic bottles, ink cartridges and cans.

Where possible we lift share, encourage remote working, and cycle to work

We encourage all of our clients to consider recycled papers, and natural dye inks for any print based work

We use a solar powered servers to host our websites and deliver our emails. This service is also made available to all our clients.

We offset all of our electricity and heating usage